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Auralex Debuts ProPOD Acoustic Decouplers

At Summer NAMM, Auralex Acoustics is debuting the ProPOD Acoustic Decoupler.

Auralex ProPOD Acoustic Decoupler
Auralex ProPOD Acoustic Decoupler

Nashville, TN (July 14, 2021)—At Summer NAMM, Auralex Acoustics is debuting the ProPOD Acoustic Decoupler, intended for use in decoupling monitors and other audio equipment weighing fifty pounds or less.

Earmarked as the first in a new line of decouplers that the company will unveil throughout 2021, the decouplers come in packs of four. Each cylindrical stand consists of a powder-coated carbon-steel exoskeleton and a viscoelastic-polymer shock absorber, and is intended to improve the soundstage and presence of a user’s monitor, loudspeaker or subwoofer within the specified weight range.

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“We invested significant resources in the development of the ProPOD and are happy that it will help folks hear what their loudspeakers—and other components—actually sound like. The sonic benefits of the ProPOD are not subtle; it definitely removes the veil. We feel that it dramatically outperforms the competition — and at a more agreeable price point,” said Eric Smith, founder and president of Auralex.

The powder-coated steel exoskeleton found on the decouplers is available in two color choices: matte black and pearl white. The ProPOD Acoustic Decouplers retail for $129.99 per set of four and are available through all Auralex retailers.

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