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Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube — Product of the Week

At NAMM 2022, Auratone announced its first active model, the Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube.

Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube
Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube

For fifty years, engineers, producers and recording musicians have depended on Auratone Sound Cube monitors. Featuring a single 4.5” speaker, these diminutive monitors provide an unvarnished “reality check” perspective focused mainly in the midrange frequencies. When a mix sounds balanced on a pair of Auratones (or a single Auratone in mono), it usually translates well to a variety of speaker systems.

Until now, all Auratone models were passive. But at NAMM 2022, the company announced its first active model, the Auratone 5C Active Super Sound Cube. Auratone equipped each 5C Active monitor with a mono 50W @8Ohm amplifier. The frequency response is 80Hz to 15kHz, the same as the passive version of the 5C when paired with Auratone’s A2-30 power amp.

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“A lot of R&D went into making sure we kept the sound quality the same,” said Auratone’s Alex Jacobsen in a video announcement from NAMM 2022 of the new active models.

He said that the amplifier design in the Active 5Cs is based on the A2-30. The amplifiers are made for Auratone in Europe by Bettermaker.

Like the passive version, the Active 5C features 4.5” speakers made in the USA. The monitors are equipped with overcurrent, overheating and short protection.

The back panel of the Active 5C includes a power switch, an input connector for the 24V DC power supply and an XLR/TRS combo input.

The Active 5C sells for $749, the same as the company’s bundle of a passive 5C pair with the A2-30 amp.

Like their passive siblings, the Active 5Cs are available in woodgrain or black finish. They’re made in the USA and distributed by the TransAudio Group.