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Auto-Tune Pro X Debuts

Antares Audio Technologies has updated its flagship software with the release of Auto-Tune Pro X.

Antares Audio Technologies' Auto-Tune Pro X
Auto-Tune Pro X

Santa Cruz, CA (November 9, 2022)—Antares Audio Technologies has updated its flagship software with the release of Auto-Tune Pro X, offering new workflow improvements and enhancements. Key among them is a streamlined Graph Mode; a new Presets Manager; native support for Apple Silicon; and more.

The newly streamlined Graph Mode is intended to aid users that going after extremely precise pitch correction, using a simplified note-object view and GUI to make Graph Mode easier to use. Meanwhile, the new Auto-Tune Pro X edition is built to run natively on the newest Apple hardware for increased speed and plug-in efficiency due to a lighter CPU consumption.

A new Presets Manager lets users save their most commonly used settings for a quick start on any project, and the software additionally comes with a variety of exclusive artist presets.

With another new feature, Multi-View, users can edit multiple instances of Auto-Tune from a single window, helping to speed up workflows on more complex sessions. Users can switch between separate Auto-Tune tracks in a single window to edit multiple vocals more quickly.

For the first time, the new upgrade will include a full year of Auto-Tune Unlimited, the premium subscription service that includes every current edition, the recently released Auto-Tune plug-ins Vocal EQ,  Slice,  SoundSoap,  Vocodist, and 11 more vocal production tools.

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​​Auto-Tune Pro X is also included with Unlimited. Pro X owners and Unlimited subscribers will get the free forthcoming update with ARA2 support for select DAWs. Unlimited subscribers get free updates to all included plug-ins, plus free access to select future plug-ins from Antares and free video tutorials.

A subscription to Unlimited runs $24.99 a month or $174.99 for an annual subscription. A free 14-day trial to  Unlimited is available to everyone, regardless of previous trials or subscriptions. Meanwhile, a perpetual license is $459.00 and includes one free year of  Unlimited.