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Baby Audio Births Free Pitch Drift Plug-In

Baby Audio's latest free plug-in, Pitch Drift, creates pitch fluctuations with the aim of making tracks feel more organic and natural.

Baby Audio Pitch Drift Plug-In
Baby Audio Pitch Drift Plug-In

New York, NY (January 4, 2023)—Baby Audio releases a free plug-in every year, and 2022’s edition came out just under the wire in late December. The new Pitch Drift plug introduces pitch fluctuations with the aim of making tracks feel more organic and natural.

Powered by the “Drift” algorithm in Baby Audio’s Super VHS plug-in, Pitch Drift offers essentially the same fluctuation effect. Depending on the settings, the effect ranges from subtle instabilities that can make instruments sound less sterile to intense pitch drifting that will make tracks clearly out of tune. Users can control the depth and speed of the fluctuations in a simple interface, with Depth affected by a main slider and Speed controlled by hovering over the screen.

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Baby Audio suggests that the plug-in earns its keep when used to create multiple subtle pitch instabilities on different instruments; when brought together in a mix, the instabilities compound, resulting in richer and more dynamic-sounding music. The company adds that it generally works best at subtle levels on sustained tonal instruments or entire mix busses. As a rule of thumb, the less sustained a source is, the faster the speed parameter should be set.

The new offering comes on the heels of previous free plug-ins from Baby Audio, including Magic Dice (delay, reverb and modulation textures); Magic Switch (a chorus plug-in); and Baby Comeback (a delay plug-in). All the various free plug-ins can be found at