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Baby Audio’s Humanoid Aims for Unnatural Vocals

Baby Audio’s latest plug-in is Humanoid, designed make vocals unnatural and robotic through heavy DSP resynthesis.

Baby Audio's Humanoid plug-in.
Baby Audio’s Humanoid plug-in.

Pasadena, CA (June 26, 2024)—Baby Audio’s latest plug-in, nearly three years in the making, is Humanoid, intended to help make vocals unnatural and robotic through heavy DSP resynthesis. The company describes it as an “over-the-top pitch corrector,” providing plenty of hard tuning and voice manipulation.

The plug-in is intended to be used as an extreme vocal tuner, voice-controlled synthesizer, vocal transformer and effects platform, synthetic vocal sound design workstation, and an “infinite harmony generator.”

Using the plug-in, vocals can be morphed into synth waveforms to combine qualities of both human and synthesized styles. The plug-in offers 64 factory-standard wavetables, but also allows users to import their own, and shaping features allow one to take things further. Additionally, there are 180 presets, providing an extensive library of robotic vocals.

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Humanoid’s pitch can be controlled manually via automation or MIDI, allowing any vocal take to become the template for new melodies, harmonies or chords. A user might take a lead vocal and layer it repeatedly with re-pitched variations of itself or use Humanoid as a futuristic vocoder.

While the plug-in is aimed primarily at studio and production work, Baby Audio says it can be applied somewhat to a live sound situation if the buffer size is set to “small”—a move that will keep latency low, but will make the plug-in’s pitch tracking less reliable as a result.

Debuting today at the website, the Humanoid plug-in has an introductory price of $79—40 percent off the list price of $129. A free trial version is available at the site as well.