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beyerdynamic Reinvents M Series Microphones

beyerdynamic’s longstanding M Series has undergone a major refresh, updating not only its look but production as well.

beyerdynamic M Series Microphones
beyerdynamic M Series Microphones

Anaheim, CA (April 14, 2023)—beyerdynamic has put its entire M Series mics through a major redesign intended to give all its models a modern look while also making the manufacturing and servicing of the mics simpler too. The primary goal, however, was to do all this without affecting the various mics’ sounds.

beyerdynamic’s Director of Production, Thorsten Bender, noted that, M Series mics are created through detailed production in Germany, accentuated by precision filigree work, handcrafted by a select group of craftspeople.

“Our two ribbon microphones – the M 160 and M 130 – are particularly difficult to produce,” said Bender. “We carefully select specialists who’ve undergone up to a year of training and have outstanding dexterity – which is why only a few employees are currently able to manufacture mics such as the M 160.”

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With that in mind, the newly designed series will feature a more streamlined production and build process, aiming to improve everything from logistics to servicing—without changing the sound of the various mics.

The newly refreshed mics will follow a uniform design language and product name strategy across the series. Optimizing the way the mics have been produced for decades is expected to create inventory stability and better serviceability. Starting later this year, all beyerdynamic online stores, dealers, and retailers will begin to exclusively sell the newly updated M Series mics. Servicing and support will continue for existing M Series models as the Pro-Audio world transitions with us into this next chapter of the beyerdynamic M Series mics. The new mics are debuting at NAMM and are expected to be on store shelves by Q4.