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Electro-Voice Launches MTS Loudspeakers for Large Venues

Electro-Voice has introduced the MTS series, a new line of 16 loudspeakers intended for use in large venues like stadiums.

Electro-Voice MTS Loudspeakers
Electro-Voice MTS Loudspeakers

Burnsville, MN (August 18, 2021)—Electro-Voice has introduced a new line of 16 loudspeakers aimed at use in large venues: the MTS series of full-range, high-output, long-throw, point-source loudspeaker systems.

Each MTS model features four 15″ woofers and dual coaxial mid/high frequency compression drivers, and is reportedly capable of generating more than 151 dB peak SPL with directivity for very-long-throw applications.

Loudspeaker geometry, complementary amplifier matching and digital processing are computer-optimized with an aim towards ensuring that distributed SPL that remains balanced and controlled throughout the entire coverage area. Four slot-loaded low-frequency drivers are symmetrically coupled to the same full-range waveguide as the compression drivers to create a true point-source with substantial bass responses.

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The MTS series includes 16 unique models, all based on two standard three-way configurations (MTS-4153) with 60° x 40° or 40° x 30° coverage, and two cardioid configurations (MTS-6154) that provide the same coverage patterns with enhanced low-frequency directional control.

The 60° x 40° models can deliver extremely high SPLs: 151 dB peak (music) and 154 dB peak (speech) down to 55 Hz at -10 dB; the 40 x 30 models are capable of 152 dB peak (music) and 155 dB peak (speech) down to 50 Hz at -10 dB.

Each version is available with black or white finish, and each is available in a partially weatherized (PW) version for sheltered use or in a fully weatherized (FW) version for full exposure to the elements. All MTS loudspeakers have an IP55 rating.

MTS is engineered for use with amplification and processing from Dynacord as part of a SONICUE-driven hardware/software ecosystem. A complete package of design files is provided for advanced acoustical and mechanical system simulation in venues. Electro-Voice PREVIEW Loudspeaker Software allows users to create acoustic designs with MTS. The MTS design files are available now for project planning. MTS begins shipping in Q4 2021.