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Elk LIVE Realtime Remote Gear Ships

Elk is now shipping Elk LIVE, allowing users to to remotely collaborate, rehearse, record, coach and experiment together in real-time.

elk live
Pro audio tech developer Elk is now shipping Elk LIVE.

Stockholm, Sweden (April 13, 2022)—Pro audio tech developer Elk is now shipping Elk LIVE, which is being used by customers including Foreigner and the San Francisco Opera to remotely collaborate, rehearse, record, coach and experiment together in real-time.

“Elk LIVE prioritizes audio exchange over distance, mitigating latency and jitter to produce a consistent audio exchange that is in sync,” according to Bjorn Ehlers, CMO, Elk Audio. “You feel like you are in the same room playing together. This opens the doors to many scenarios and opportunities from jamming with bandmates from your own studio, to coaching students hundreds of miles away to experimenting with new ideas when inspiration hits, to recording that next big hit with another artist in another state or country.”

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The gear runs on standard internet and features the Elk LIVE Bridge audio network hub, and online Elk Live Studio with backstage administration, video monitoring and mixing, and leverages the company’s award-winning, low-latency Elk Audio OS.

Jeff Pilson, Foreigner musical director and bassist, says, “The intrinsic pieces of music that move people emotionally haven’t changed since the beginning. Technology can’t cover it up, mask it or substitute it in any way. Technology is good when it enhances something that already exists, like a great song, great lyrics, or a great singer. One of the biggest elements missing has been the ability to collaborate remotely in real-time. This has never existed until Elk LIVE. This is a huge technological shift — one that will change the playing field.”

Matthew Shilvock, general director, San Francisco Opera, comments, “Elk LIVE presents many opportunities and increased accessibility for music-making on a remote basis now and into the future. Coaching with teachers who might be in another part of the state, workshopping a new piece with singers in different cities, and just making music together for the sake of making music.”