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Flock Audio PATCH XT — Product of the Week

Patch XT is a 96-in/96-out digitally controlled patch bay, providing digital control over analog patching without unnecessary A/D or D/A conversion.

Flock Audio PATCH XT
Flock Audio PATCH XT

Now shipping from Flock Audio is the PATCH XT, a 96-in/96-out digitally controlled patch bay. PATCH XT is the most comprehensive PATCH Series unit to date, employing the same proprietary, digitally controlled analog signal path used in the PATCH and PATCH LT.

The PATCH XT provides digital control over analog patching without adding unnecessary A/D or D/A conversion, thus maintaining the recall-ability of a digital workflow. Signal routing between different pieces of outboard gear may be stored for instant recall, enabling quick comparison of different complex routing schemes or creation of mults for multiple signal paths.

Rear-panel audio I/O is via DB25 connectors (expandable via multi-unit capabilities) and supports 32 assignable independent channels of 48V phantom power. The front panel features two XLR/TRS combo jack inputs and two XLR outputs for fast integration of “guest” gear.

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Like other members of the PATCH Series, it is controlled using PATCH APP 3.0. Routings may be stored and instantly recalled for fast A/B processing comparisons, and the app supports multiple PATCH units. PATCH APP 3.0 is compatible with MacOS and Windows (an iOS version is under development).

Additional features of the unit include a power-saving Sleep/Wake mode function and Audio Detection integration. Sleep/Wake mode puts the PATCH XT into a low-power Sleep state without fully powering down the unit; it can instantly switch back into Wake mode when a user is ready to resume work. Audio Detection capabilities facilitate troubleshooting of outboard hardware setups, providing visual indication within the PATCH APP when a connection is receiving an incoming audio signal.

The PATCH XT is housed in a 3RU chassis and incorporates an internal power supply. The rear panel includes USB and Ethernet ports for host control connectivity.

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