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Fluid Audio, Sonarworks Team for Image 2 Studio Monitors Update

Fluid Audio’s Image 2 monitors now come with integrated SoundID Reference software.

Fluid Audio’s Image 2 Studio Monitors
Fluid Audio’s Image 2 Studio Monitors

San Francisco, CA (February 7, 2022)—Fluid Audio has partnered with Sonarworks to update the former’s new Image 2 studio monitor with the addition of integrated SoundID Reference room calibration software.

With SoundID onboard the Image 2s, users can load SoundID Reference export files into each monitor’s native DSP right after calibration, so that room correction is continuously active for referencing, mixing and other uses.

Designed for near-field and midfield use, the Image 2 uses DSP and Class-D amplification to provide imaging, frequency response, output, low distortion, and depth of field. The Image 2 is designed as a 2-in-1 monitor, according to the company—a full-range mixing and mastering system that also offers a Mixcube mode, helping dial in low end and mids for a “bass challenged” devices. It also helps adjust the overall balance, depth, vocals, and nail the kick drum.

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Using the Fluid Audio DCT (DSP Configuration Tool), users can push SoundID Reference calibration profiles to the built-in embedded DSP platform onboard the Image 2. Reportedly, this will compensate for room imperfections with acoustically treated and untreated rooms. Using SoundID Reference (v5.6 and newer) and a measuring microphone, users can measure a room, create calibration curves specifically for the environment and upload them directly onto the Image 2 with the DCT tool.

The Image 2 supports up to four different profiles, all of which can be loaded and switched between using the DCT tool running on Windows or OSX. Users can also enable and disable Mixcube mode using the DCT tool.

The Image 2 studio monitor is available worldwide starting February 7, 2023 for US $1,899.