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Focusrite FAST Limiter Plug-in & Bundle Debut

The Collective from Focusrite has introduced a new plug-in, FAST Limiter.


Focusrite FAST Limiter Plug-in
Focusrite FAST Limiter Plug-in

New York, NY (July 28, 2022)—The Collective from Focusrite has introduced a new plug-in, FAST Limiter; the new release in turn completes the new FAST Bundle.

FAST Limiter is a mastering tool based around AI and deep controls, intended to help musicians finish music and give their tracks a final release-ready polish. The plug-in uses AI to find best suited to the sound’s characteristics. Musicians can also use Reference Mastering to take key sonic characteristics of their favorite songs and apply them to their own tracks.

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There is a choice of three unique Flavors—Modern, Neutral or Aggressive—to instantly change how FAST Limiter influences the track’s sound. Once AI gets users in the ballpark of where they want their track to be, they can further adjust Gain, Saturation, Bass, Transients and Resonance to their own taste.

To mark the release of FAST Limiter and its place in FAST Bundle, Focusrite and Novation registered hardware owners purchase the FAST Bundle at $124.99, a price holding through August 31, 2022.