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Fuse Audio Labs VREV-305 Takes Your Mix to the Seventies

Fuse Audio Labs has launched the VREV-305 plug-in, created to emulate the MicMix Master Room XL-305 12-spring chamber reverb system.

Fuse Audio Labs VREV-305 Spring Reverb Plug-in
Fuse Audio Labs VREV-305 Spring Reverb Plug-in

Duesseldorf, Germany (September 30, 2022)—Fuse Audio Labs has launched the VREV-305 plug-in, created to emulate a classic 1970s 12-spring chamber reverb system (While Fuse doesn’t name the original, it’s clearly “inspired” by the MicMix Master Room XL-305).

The virtual tank sports a dozen individual springs with equally tempered timings following a logarithmic progression similar to the musical scale. The resulting harmonic series of reflection patterns result in dense reverb tails that reportedly offer more of a plate-like ambience, eschewing spring-like artifacts.

Users can adapt that plate vibe to individual signals with the plug-in’s EQ section. Departing from slavishly reproducing the original reverb system, however, VREV-305 doesn’t observe the fixed decay time limitation imposed by the original hardware.

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VREV-305 also offers separate PreDelay parameters per channel, as well as switchable stereo summing options both before and after the spring system. The intensity of the plug-in’s reverb tails is always adjustable using the onboard Mix controls.

Positioning it this way, Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa says, “The 305 is a super-inspiring mechanical masterpiece, so it felt only natural to put huge effort into getting its complex and unique signature sound just right for this plugin while offering some really useful DAW add-ons to the original concept.”

To kick off the VREV-305, Fuse has priced the plug-in at $29 USD through October 23, 2022, after which it goes to its usual price of $59. A typical 14-day free trial is also available.