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Gator Frameworks Speaker Wedge Stands Debut

Gator Frameworks has launched new angled studio monitor/speaker wedge stands.

Gator Frameworks Speaker Wedge Stands

Tampa, FL (March 10, 2023)—Gator Frameworks has launched new angled studio monitor/speaker wedge stands for use in home and compact mobile recording setups.

Offered as a pair, the wedge stands are intended for small to medium-sized desktop, bookshelf, and computer speakers or studio monitors, allowing users to improve sound quality without occupying much space on desktops or workstation surfaces.

Each speaker stand is designed with a tilt lip that keeps the speaker in place and ensures that it remains secure on the stand. The non-slip base provides additional stability, preventing any unwanted movements. Soft EVA foam padding protects the speaker enclosure against scratches and provides sound absorption. They can be flipped around to point speakers down if needed.

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The speaker wedge stands themselves measure out each with a length of 7.25 inches; width of 5.9 inches; height of 2 inches; and overall weight of 2 lbs, aiding their portability for use and inclusion in mobile recording setups as needed.

The Gator Frameworks Desktop Speaker Wedge Stand Pair is currently shipping with a $29.99 US MSRP. Gator Frameworks is a sub-brand of Gator Cases; launched in 2013, the brand offers more than 50 different products for use with microphones, speakers, guitars, keyboards, AV and more.