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Hazelrigg Industries 4DI Four-Channel Tube DI Debuts

Hazelrigg Industries has announced the 4DI — a four-channel, all-tube DI rackmount unit based on its VDI DIs.

Hazelrigg Industries 4DI Four-Channel Tube DI
Hazelrigg Industries 4DI Four-Channel Tube DI

Bucks County, PA (March 3, 2023)—Hazelrigg Industries has announced the 4DI — a four-channel, all-tube DI rackmount unit that is essentially four of the company’s VDI tube direct boxes in one 2RU device.

The 4DI’s input circuitry is based on the same original design as D.W. Fearn’s VT-I/F all-triode, vacuum tube direct box. The four discrete channel DI offers unique harmonics according to Hazelrigg, with Doug Fearn explaining, “Any circuit will saturate once you hit a certain level, and that saturation will generate certain harmonics. I designed the VT-I/F so it would reject third- and fifth-order harmonics, which introduce harshness and distortion, and reinforce second- and fourth-order harmonics, which reinforce the fundamentals of the original signal. In short, you get more of the good stuff and less of the bad.”

Hazelrigg VDI, VLC, VNE – A Real-World Review

Pre-release editions have been put to the test in studio and live sound settings. “Hazelrigg Industries’ 4DI has been an inspiring addition to my studio,” said engineer Mark Parfitt (Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg). “There’s a noticeably higher level of detail and a much more pleasing sonic footprint. Vintage synths are bigger and beefier, and recorded instruments sound more realistic, making them connect more deeply emotionally. I wish everyone’s recordings sounded this good.”

Meanwhile, on the road, Travon Snipes, monitor engineer for Post Malone, noted, “For us, it brings the acoustic guitar to life. Anything you plug into it will sonically be better. It adds warmth and dimension to the source that not only is a joy to our ears but also to the audience listening. Ever since adding that to our arsenal, the acoustic guitar sound has been enhanced tremendously.”

The 4DI is available exclusively through Sweetwater in the US, with an MSRP of $3,400.