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IK Multimedia Goes Pro with iLoud Precision Studio Monitors

The new flagship iLoud Precision series is a feature-heavy studio monitor line that sees IK Multimedia take an unambiguous leap into the pro marketplace.

IK Multimedia’s new flagship iLoud Precision studio monitor line.
IK Multimedia’s new flagship iLoud Precision studio monitor line.

New York, NY (September 1, 2022)—Moving beyond its reputation as a go-to brand for musicians, IK Multimedia has been shaking things up in recent times with an increasingly ambitious lineup of studio monitors, not to mention a high-profile presence at last month’s Mix Immersive Music Production event in New York. Now the company has unveiled its new flagship iLoud Precision series—a feature-heavy studio monitor line that sees IK take an unambiguous leap into the pro marketplace.

The new line consists of three configurations—the iLoud Precision 5, sporting a 5″ woofer and 1.5″ tweeter; iLoud Precision 6, trading up to a 6.5″ woofer and 1.5″ tweeter; and the iLoud Precision MTM, expanding further with two 5″ woofers and the 1.5″ tweeter. All of the models offer DSP-based features and software, and provide a reported frequency response from 36 Hz to 30 kHz, with a ±1 dB tolerance from 45 Hz up, which the company further guarantees to be accurate within ±0.5 dB, underlining the unit-to-unit consistency that it gets from handling its own manufacturing in Italy.

Inside the monitors themselves is 96 kHz DSP processing, as well as a digital crossover and custom-designed Class D amplifier, all in tow with the aim to ensure linear phase response above 150 Hz for stereo imaging. The speakers also provide built-in calibration using IK Multimedia’s ARC System technology; shipping with a MEMS measurement microphone that connects to the speakers, ARC calibration tunes the speakers to best interact with a room—a feature that will no doubt be weighed by potential users who need their monitors to be portable.

For those used to working with other studio monitor brands and models, there’s another aspect to the line that will be of interest: the new X-Monitor control application (due in October, 2022), which enables voicing selections and adjustments, also allows the speakers to emulate other studio monitors. More than 20 “monitor profiles” are initially shipping with the iLoud Precision monitors, and more are in the pipeline, according to the company; the result is that users will be able to not only work with emulations of their favorite monitors, but also use the variety of speakers on-tap for reference-checking on “other” speakers.

Various low- and high-frequency management options are onboard within the speakers, including a switchable Full/35/50/65/80 Hz high-pass filter to aid use of the speakers within Dolby Atmos immersive setups. Also included with the speakers are four iLoud Isolation Pods, and users can also look into an optional remote control to speed up flipping through different X-Monitor speaker emulations and functions as well as the speakers’ room calibration process.

The iLoud Precision 5s run $899.99 each ($1,800 a pair), while the iLoud Precision 6s are $999.99 each ($2,000 a pair) and the iLoud Precision MTMs run $1,199.99 each ($2,400 a pair). The iLoud Precision Remote Control is $69.99.