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iZotope RX 9 and RX Post Production Suite 6 Debut

iZotope has released RX 9, the latest update for its audio repair and enhancement tool.

iZotope RX 9 and RX Post Production Suite 6 Boston, MA (October 18, 2021)—iZotope has released RX 9, the latest update for its audio repair and enhancement tool, and has additionally brought it into version 6 of the RX Post Production Suite.

The latest version of RX 9 Advanced allows for full control over users’ audio. Using machine learning, the new edition of Dialogue Isolate makes it easier to extract clean dialogue from its environment while minimizing artifacts, while the new Complex mode in Ambience Match connects dialogue and ADR cuts with real background movement and textures—all with multichannel support up to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2.

In both the Standard and Advanced versions, the new Dynamic Mode in De-hum allows users to remove hum and interference in one pass. The History list has also been expanded so as to allow up to 30 undo steps. Meanwhile, the new Restore feature can roll back an audio selection to any previous step in the History list, or clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic using the new Spectral Editor, built on the ARA plug-in extension.

“For RX 9, we have revisited some of our most important processing tools and made them even better,” said iZotope principal product manager, Mike Rozett. “We wanted to focus on the fact that dialogue is getting noisier and noisier: from location shoots to warehouse sets, to wireless interference on sound stages, to ADR that’s being recorded remotely in cars and closets and kitchens instead of in studios. The industry is facing more and more noise, with less time to fix it. We’re here to help.”

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iZotope has also released Post Production Suite 6, a flagship suite that includes RX 9 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Insight 2 metering, Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D reverbs by Exponential Audio and more.

RX 9 Standard is priced at $299 introductory ($399 regular), while RX 9 Advanced is priced at $799 introductory ($1,199 regular). RX Post Production Suite 6 runs $999 introductory ($1,999 regular)