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JH Audio Teams with DPA, Lectrosonics for Ambient Pro IEMs

The ambient in-ear monitor design in JH Audio’s new Ambient Pro IEMs incorporates tech from DPA Microphones and Lectrosonics.

JH Audio Ambient Pro IEMs.
JH Audio Ambient Pro IEMs.

Orlando, FL (November 8, 2022)—JH Audio has released its latest ambient in-ear monitors—Ambient Pro, allowing users to hear both a monitor mix and the real-world POV sounds around them. The new IEMs are designed with built-in Core omnidirectional capsules from DPA Microphones; audio from the capsules is sent in stereo to the monitor console and back to the artist via a Lectrosonics system.

Intended for artists that tend to take one IEM out while performing, the Ambient Pro brings users into a fully immersive concert experience with complete control over the level of ambient sound in their mix.

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Ambient Pro features eight balanced armatures per side with a four-way crossover and is modeled around the RDU Dual Supertweeter, which produces an extended treble response and is designed with the aim of providing a “well-rounded sound signature with a punchy low-end and smooth mid-range.”

The subminiature Core by DPA capsule technology features stainless steel construction, aiding durability. It can tolerate high temperatures, is resilient against impacts and is resistant to abrasion. In addition, strain relief is integrated into the mic housing to strengthen the assembly. The subminiatures offer a noise floor of 26 dB(A).

Customers can choose between black and clear custom fit options starting at $2,799.