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KV2 Audio Debuts ESD8 Loudspeaker

KV2 Audio's new ESD8 is a compact, passive 2-way, high output full-range loudspeaker.

KV2 Audio ESD8 Loudspeaker
KV2 Audio ESD8 Loudspeaker

New York, NY (December 14, 2022)—KV2 is expanding its ESD range of two-way and three-way passive loudspeakers with the new addition of the ESD8, which slots into the range between the existing ESD6 and ESD10.

As its name suggests, the ESD8 is a compact, passive 2-way, high output full-range loudspeaker incorporating an 8″ trans-coil woofer and a 1″ compression driver coupled to a wide dispersion horn. Presented to match the rest of the range in an angled, low-profile Baltic birch enclosure, the ESD8 is intended to provide a smooth high-fidelity response.

The new speaker can be used as a main system speaker or as an in-fill for larger systems, and accordingly can be set up on podiums, stands or suspended. Applications range from corporate presentations and functions to infill, close monitoring or installation. The new speaker joins the compact ESD Cube, ESD15 and ESD36 in the ESD line. The ESD8 will be available to see on the company’s booth at the upcoming ISE 2023 convention, at stand 7G550.

Founded in 2002, KV2 Audio is a pro audio manufacturer led by live sound pro George Krampera who has been building audio equipment for nearly fifty years.