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KV2 SL6.10 Subwoofer Debuts

KV2 has introduced its new SL6.10 subwoofer, an addition to the SL Series of slimline speakers.

KV2 SL6.10 Subwoofer
KV2 SL6.10 Subwoofer

New York, NY (October 24, 2022)—KV2 has introduced its new SL6.10 subwoofer which replaces the SL2.15. The new sub is an addition to the SL Series of slimline speakers that can either be integrated directly into walls or other surfaces.

Measuring 350 mm (13.78”) deep and designed to integrate aesthetically with the SL412, the SL6.10 has an ultra-slim cabinet design. The company suggests that bass response is further enhanced by doubling, or even tripling the cabinets, particularly when the subwoofer is used against or within a wall. It also combines acoustically with the low-frequency VHD1.21 and 2.21 subwoofers as part of an active five-way system if required.

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The SL6.10 subwoofer features 6 x 10-inch front-loaded bass drivers, with a 2-inch voice coil assembly and a ferrite magnetic motor structure. Up to three SL6.10 subwoofers can be powered from one channel of a VHD3200/3200D amplifier, a move forward from its predecessor which required an amp channel to power two units.

The subwoofer offers a range of wall-mounting, suspension and ground-stacking options, or it can be installed directly into walls and surfaces. The units may also be designed and supplied with custom colors, grille templates and logo.

Finally, the SL range now features the SL3000D and VHD3200D amplifiers which incorporate the KV2 Control & Diagnostics tool, so the SL6.10 may be set up, controlled and managed entirely remotely if required.