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L-Acoustics Launches L-ISA 3.2 Update

The new update to L-Acoustics’ L-ISA immersive production platform adds free outputs to L-ISA Studio and more Mixhalo integration.

L-Acoustics’ L-ISA 3.2 Update
L-Acoustics’ L-ISA 3.2 UpdateL-Acoustics’ L-ISA 3.2 Update

Marcoussis, France (May 21, 2024)—L-Acoustics has released the latest update to L-ISA, its live sound/music creation immersive production platform. Key to the new release is the addition of 16 free outputs in L-ISA Studio, as well as the integration of Mixhalo’s AI-powered translation services within the L-ISA Processor II subscription model.

According to L-Acoustics, adding 16 free outputs will help users achieve immersive monitoring setups at minimal cost, aiding users in theatre and educational institutions to more readily explore immersive playback in their environments.

The new update also makes Mixhalo subscription-ready—each new L-ISA Processor II ships with Mixhalo cloud-based features ready to activate via a subscription. Presented as “an on-device real-time streaming platform for live events at scale,” Mixhalo lets audiences access sound on their own device from anywhere within the venue. Of note with this release is the introduction of AI-powered Mixhalo Translate, which can let users can access live, simultaneous content in dozens of languages. Mixhalo Live can stream up to 16 channels of immersive content directly to attendees’ smartphones.

Meanwhile, for those who want the inevitable social media videos of an event to have clear sound, a new feature, Mixhalo Moments, allows audiences or visitors to record short videos using professional audio from Mixhalo.