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Leapwing Audio Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plug-In — Product of the Week

Leapwing’s latest Signature plug-in release answers the question: “How would Joe Chiccarelli do it?”

Leapwing Audio Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plug-In
Leapwing Audio Joe Chiccarelli Signature Plug-In.

Leapwing’s latest release answers the question: “How would Joe Chiccarelli do it?” This streamlined plug-in (Mac/PC) lets you dial in emulations of the vaunted engineer/producer’s processor chains for various sources, including lead vocal, electric and acoustic guitar, kick, snare, overhead, toms, drum room, bass di and bass amp.

Conceptually, this product is similar to Leapwing’s Al Schmitt Signature plug-in (read the Mixonline review) released in early 2021. Leapwing says this about the Chiccarelli plug-in: “We worked with Joe to analyze the tools and the workflows he uses to bring you this set of unique processors.”

The plug-in’s dark-blue GUI features a different layout for each of the 11 selectable instrument Profiles. The EQs are modeled from several units, including an API 1550, API 560 and Pultec EQP-1A. The Drive parameter, available in most of the Profiles, is either a model of a Neve 1073 preamp stage, an API console preamp, or a blend of the two.

The Sustain parameter acts like a Zener Limiter with “added character and warmth.” The Power parameter models an aggressively set 1176. It’s also available in a parallel configuration in most drum Profiles and the lead vocal.

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Depending on the Profile, models of different optical compressors are available, including a Neve 33609 and an LA2A or an LA3A in Optical Fast Mode.

For saturation, you get a parallel circuit reminiscent of an Overstayer Saturator. Most Profiles have three different reverb settings, including blends of AMS DMX 15-80 and RMS 16 units, based on Chiccarrelli’s settings.

When you choose a Profile, you get the processors with default settings for the processors. If you’re looking for even more specificity in the settings, you can also choose from an ample list of presets that offer several different options within each Profile category. For example, for Electric Guitar, you can select from Heavy, Lush and Rhythm settings.

Naturally, you can save custom settings, and the plug-in allows you to A/B two independent settings.

Leapwing Joe Chiccarelli is available for an introductory price of $106 until October 4, when it reverts to its list price of $159.