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Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2-Native Plug-in Gets Update

Massenburg DesignWorks has given its MDWDRC2-Native high-performance Dynamic Range Controller plug-in an extensive update.

Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2-Native Plug-in
Massenburg DesignWorks MDWDRC2-Native Plug-in

Los Angeles, CA (February 14, 2023)—Massenburg DesignWorks (MDW) has given its MDWDRC2-Native high-performance Dynamic Range Controller plug-in (AAX, VST3, AU) an extensive update, adding new presets, a revised user guide and a set of tutorial videos created and hosted by the original developer of the parametric EQ, George Massenburg.

Massenburg has recorded a series of five tutorial videos showing how the plug-in can be used to control and enhance the dynamics of vocals, piano and drums in a mix; the videos are now available on the MDW web, YouTube and social channels. Additionally, Massenburg has created an initial set of presets to be used suggested starting points, aiming to accelerate user understanding of the dynamics tool.

An updated demo version is also available for customers who want to try the MDWDRC2-Native again, and a new User Guide can be downloaded from the Massenburg DesignWorks site covering all aspects of MDWDRC2-Native setup and operation.

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Since the MDWDRC2-Native plug-in was launched in November 2022, MDW has been implementing new features as a result of feedback from its website, online portals, direct contact with customers and the forums. MDW has made several updates to the plug-in, and will continue to do so in the future.

MDWDRC2-Native full license is available from the MDW web store for $399, including Pro Tools AAX Native, VST3 and AU plugin formats for a wide range of DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase and Nuendo.

Watch for an extensive Mix Real-World Review of the MDWDRC2-Native plug-in in the March issue of Mix.