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Meyer Sound MPS-488X Power Supply Debuts

Meyer Sound’s new MPS-488X is an integrated power supply and signal distribution unit.

Meyer Sound’s new MPS-488X.
Meyer Sound’s new MPS-488X.

Berkeley, CA (February 8, 2023)—Designed principally for installed sound applications, Meyer Sound’s new MPS-488X is a new integrated power supply and signal distribution unit for multi-channel audio systems, based around the company’s proprietary IntelligentDC technology.

Each MPS-488X supplies eight channels of 48V DC power and balanced audio signals over a single composite cable. It also incorporates a network connection as standard, with telemetry and control data accessed via an RJ45 connector on the rear panel. Meyer’s Nebra software for Mac and PC accesses and reports data such as load status, fan speed, and temperature. Current draw is reported for each output channel, enabling the operator to assess the status of connected loudspeakers. The Nebra software platform also allows the operator to mute or solo individual channels of the MPS-488X.

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Unlike the predecessor MPS-488HP, the network connectivity on the new unit does not require the use of an external RMServer device. However, for mixed system compatibility, both the MPS-488X and MPS-488HP with RMServer can report their status on the same Nebra interface.

The unit also features a two-way Wink mode, helping to ID the unit when multiple units are in a rack. The MPS-488X utilizes 3-pin Phoenix connectors for balanced audio input and 5-pin Phoenix connectors for audio and DC power output. As with its predecessor, the MPS-488X has selector switches for each output which can select either the corresponding input or the signal from the adjacent lower channel.