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Neumann M 49 V Microphone Launched

The Neumann M 49 is a revered microphone, and now Neumann.Berlin has announced a reissue of it as the M 49 V.

Neumann M 49 V Microphone
Neumann M 49 V Microphone

Berlin, Germany (August 11, 2022)—The Neumann M 49 is a revered microphone, and now Neumann.Berlin has announced a reissue of it as the M 49 V.

Since its introduction in 1951, the M 49 has been well regarded, offering a remote-controlled polar pattern; its silky sound has graced countless recordings, from the cool jazz of the 1950s until today’s chart toppers.

With that in mind, the M 49 V has been reissued using original specifications and design documents from the Neumann archive. It uses the same circuitry as the last and most popular historical revision, the M 49 c, but with a lower noise, hand-selected subminiature tube.

“In our field tests, even renowned microphone experts could not detect any difference in sound,” claimed portfolio manager Sebastian Schmitz. “In timbre and dynamic behavior, the M 49 V is identical to a historic M 49 in top condition. The circuitry and acoustic design have been adopted from the M 49 c. And the most important component, the classic K 49 large diaphragm capsule, has been manufactured by Neumann with no changes since the 1950s.”

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Changes have been made to the pattern control unit, which now automatically adapts to the mains voltage and is also compatible with old M 49 microphones. Instead of the old bayonet connector, the M 49 V uses the RF-tight connector of the historic broadcast version M 249. In addition, the M 49 V can be configured via internal switches, either as a made-to-order option or post-sales by Neumann Service.

The infrasonic filter, which protects the BV11 output transformer from unwanted distortion, can be lowered from 30 Hz to 12 Hz, resulting in the frequency response of the early M 49 (without suffix) up to 1957. Like the historical M 49 b model variant, the M 49 V can be set to fixed cardioid pickup pattern, which reportedly improves the signal-to-noise ratio by about 3 dB. This option is useful if the M 49 V is to be used exclusively in cardioid mode—for example, for vocals and speech.

The new reissue is said to already have a wait list more than 200 people deep. Neumann reports it hand-manufactures about 25 per month with three specially trained employees, so purchasers will be waiting a while.

The M 49 V comes as a set with remote pattern control unit, microphone cable, and the classic “yoke” swivel mount, delivered in a handcrafted case. The list price is $8,499