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New Products – April 2021

The Latest New Recording Studio, Post and Live Sound Products


PreSonus has released Studio One 5 Professional V5.2, marking the second feature update to its long-running DAW and the addition of more than 30 new features and improvements. The new Sound Variations is intended for use corralling complex virtual instruments and orchestral libraries. Central to it is a mapping editor that provides tools for managing complex articulation maps. Sound Variations can be triggered by key switches, as well as from remote commands, including hardware controllers, keyboard shortcuts, custom macros and more. All Synchron-enabled Vienna Symphonic Instruments, as well as instruments from UJAM, fully support dynamic  Sound Variations mapping, and a new API allows third-party developers to enable their VST2 and VST3 instruments’ articulations to be queried by Studio One so that Sound Variation maps are automatically generated. 

Version 5.2 adds a number of other features, including the ability to create multiple clip versions, allowing the user to apply clip-based edits in Gain Envelopes or Melodyne independently to Events sharing the same audio; a new “Smart” tool for editing Note Events in the Piano Roll editor; and deeper integration with both ATOM SQ and FaderPort-series controllers. Studio One 5.2 is a free update to all registered Studio One 5 customers and is available free to PreSonus Sphere members.



TC Electronic has introduced an all-new line of System 6000 Native plug-ins for mixing and mastering, aiming to bring the sound of the company’s famous hardware processor, introduced in 1999, as a series of native plug-ins. The new plugs offer full support for standard DAW automation and project recall, along with new optimized user interface ergonomics. MD4 HD Native features a 6-band EQ, 5-band compressor, low-levels focused DXP mode and optimized true-peak limiter. VSS4 HD Native is a stereo reverb with adjustable early reflections and stereo diffused fields. MD3 Native is the core of its dynamics sound, offering Mono, Stereo, Mid/Side operation and includes 3-band transparent Expander/Compressor, flexible EQ and modern Peak/True-Peak Limiting technologies. NONLIN 2 Native is a high-end effects reverb with envelope functionality for generating compact vocal ambience, reverse reverb, new effects and the traditional 1980s gated drum reverb. VSS3 Native is a reverb designed to deliver smooth reverb tails, add ambience to productions and more. System 6000 Native plug-ins are compatible with all major DAWs and deliver full support for standard DAW automation and project recall. The plugs are available individually or as a bundle.




CEntrance is now shipping DACport Pro, a compact D/A converter, headphone amplifier and monitor controller for audio professionals, built on the success of its hi-fi DACport HD. The professional version adds balanced XLR output jacks, a large monitor volume control knob and LED VU meters. It features a headphone output and balanced stereo outputs with options for line and mic-level. The balanced outputs may be fixed, or variable, with their level controlled by the level knob. This turns the product into a Studio Monitor Controller. The device also includes an LED VU meter for checking program levels, a pair of LEDs indicating power and audio streaming status, and a USB-C connector. DACport Pro works with MacOS and Windows-based computers. It supports all standard sampling rates, including 24-bit/44.1kHz up to 32-bit/384kHz, as well as DSD. An ASIO driver is available for Windows 10. 



Available in eight-, 12-, 16- and 24-channel versions, the new Onyx Series of analog mixers from Mackie is intended for use in a variety of applications, including live sound, recording and content creation. All Onyx Series mixers incorporate high-quality mic preamps with 60 dB of gain (max), stereo line inputs, onboard DSP, and the ability to record audio at 24-bit/96 kHz resolution. The flagship of the Onyx Series is the 24-channel Onyx24. Balanced XLR mic and TRS line inputs are provided on channels 1 – 14, with the ability to switch channels 1 and 2 for Hi-Z instrument input. Analog outputs include TRS and XLR main outs, TRS control room outs, two monitor sends and one FX send. Each input channel of the Onyx24 includes a highpass filter, 3-band EQ with midrange sweep and hard bypass switch, one FX and two monitor sends, pan, backlit mute and solo switches, and a 60mm fader. Masters for the monitor and FX sends have mute and L/R assign switches. A built-in SD card slot allows recording and playback of the main stereo bus, while an onboard USB interface permits the Onyx24 to function as a 24×4 USB interface for multitrack recording to Mac and PC—all at 24-bit/96 kHz resolution. 




Focal is shipping the new Focal Clear Mg Professional headphones (Clear Magnesium Professional), differing from its namesake with the addition of a magnesium cone for even greater dynamics with a remarkable tonal balance across the full audio spectrum.  The circumaural, open-back design incorporates 1-5/8-inch (40mm) full-range speaker drivers with Magnesium M-shaped inverted domes, combined with the frameless 1-inch (25mm) diameter and ¼-inch (5.5mm) high copper voice coilThe open grille inside the earcup extends the high frequencies and follows the ‘M’ profile of the cone more closely to further reduce adverse effects. With a 24kHz breakup, the high frequencies are extremely linear and the transient signals are respected.  



Reftone, the company created by engineers Dave Hampton and Lisa Chamblee, has released shipping the LD-3B Ref-Cube, a powered version of the company’s Ref-Cube single 4-inch monitors. Available singly or in pairs, the LD-3B is capable of putting out 25 Watts at 8 Ohms. It offers two connection options: Bluetooth 4.2 or analog via a 3.5mm input. The monitors are just 5 x 5 inches in size, weigh 5.5 pounds each, and are housed in magnetically sealed birch-plywood enclosures. They boast a frequency response of 70 Hz to 20 kHz, with exceptional clarity in the midrange. When purchased as a pair, the left monitor functions as a satellite, connected to the right with an included speaker wire equipped with banana plugs.



Waves Audio has announced V12.7, its latest version of plug-ins, featuring a new User Preset System that makes it easier to save, load and organize custom-created plug-in presets, then share them with other users or between different systems. Each preset is now a single file and can be found directly from each plug-in’s dropdown menu. In addition, the popular Waves SSL plug-ins and Waves Tune Real-Time now feature new ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs. These updates join the features of the recent V12, including the new Waves Preset Browser and the ability to resize Waves plug-ins. Waves V12.7 ensures full ongoing compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems and is free to users with V12 plug-in licenses. 



Audio-Technica has unveiled two new boundary condenser microphones designed for discreet surface-mount installation in tabletops, ceilings or panels. Both the ES945O/XLR (omnidirectional) and ES947C/XLR (cardioid) feature a low-profile metal case with two-layer perforated grilles and IPX4 water resistance, as well as UniGuard RFI-shielding technology. The omnidirectional ES945O/XLR provides a pickup pattern of 360 degrees, while the cardioid ES947C/XLR provides a pattern of 120 degrees. Frequency response of the ES947C/XLR is stated as 70 to 8,500 Hz, and frequency response of the ES945O/XLR is spec’d as 60 to 15,000 Hz. Output impedance for both units is 100 Ohms. The two models employ a self-contained power module with an XLRM output connector, eliminating the need for an external power module. The microphones are  available in black or white, and are furnished with rubber isolators for optional mechanical isolation from the mounting surface. 




KLANG:technologies has released the KLANG:kontroller, a standalone hardware controller that offers the same mixing functionality as the company’s KLANG:app, along with a Dante headphone amp. The unit provides tactile user control of channels, groups and immersive mixing via an intuitive interface that centers around color-coding and channel names. Relative DCA group mixing and full single-channel control via eight push rotary encoders is onboard as well, with eight rotaries that allow musicians to balance their in-ear mix. The onboard headphone amp has 3.5mm (1/8-inch) and 6.3mm (1/4-inch) stereo TRS connectors. Two XLR outputs can be connected to wireless in-ear transmitters. Installation-friendly features like Power over Ethernet, remote setup via the KLANG:app, and automatic Dante routing are included. User Presets, plus USB import and export, are offered, allowing users to save personal presets