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New Products for September 2020

New products introduced in September 2020.


Steinberg SpectraLayers 7 and the Power of AI

Steinberg SpectraLayers 7, the latest update to this visually based audio editing application, brings with it some potent new editing capabilities powered by Artificial IntelligenceI algorithms. The Unmix feature is perhaps the highlight addition. It analyzes a mix and splits it into component layers, each consisting of an instrument or vocal part. Not only can you Unmix tracks into stems, but you can also separate your stems into tonal, noise and transient components. Steinberg also used AI to beef up SpectraLayer’s pattern-recognition abilities. Now you can identify a specific sound and then have the software find and select each instance of it throughout an audio file. The Voice Denoiser allows you to clean up vocal recordings by attenuating all non-voice components detected by its AI-infused code. And new AI-based repair processes include Clip Repair, Click Repair and Hum Reduction. Some of the other changes include improvements to the Playback tool and Transform tool, a new Transform selection mode and upgraded ARA 2 layer management. SpectraLayers Pro 7 ($299.99) is the fully-featured flagship. SpectraLayers Elements 7 ($79.99) has a reduced toolset but is still powerful.


Nugen Audio Surround Suite

The Nugen Audio Surround Suite offers a complete set of tools for upmixing, downmixing and multi-channel sound reshaping for sound for picture, including: Halo Downmix (allows users to easily deliver projects in both stereo and surround formats without compromise); Halo Upmix (with unique center-channel management and switchable dialog extraction, and SEQ-S (users can spline match and morph independent EQ transitions. This includes dynamic and static pass filter effects; seamless transitions between differing environments; and creative morphs and tempo-locked effects), as well as ISL, a true peak limiter (provides TPlim control to automatically adjust transfer curve parameters for minimally invasive brick wall protection). The kit offers full access to surround balances, clear visual feedback and individual surround channel access, as well as allows users to regulate low-frequency content and fine-tune surround mixes, without the possibility of phase warping.


Clear-Com FreeSpeak Edge Now Shipping

Following extensive field tests and final engineering testing, Clear-Com is now shipping FreeSpeak Edge, its most advanced wireless intercom system, featuring more control and configuration options thanks to advanced frequency coordination capabilities and intuitive design features in the system’s transceivers and beltpacks.

Applications and environments include sports stadiums, live events, military installations and broadcast facilities. FreeSpeak Edge uses audio-over-IP AES67 connectivity, an advanced 5 GHz chipset with a proprietary radio stack development optimized for intercom, and exclusive RF technology based on OFDM. The band’s higher frequencies mean there is more bandwidth for data, which allows for finer control, additional audio channels, lower latency and better audio quality. FreeSpeak Edge can be combined seamlessly with FreeSpeak II 1.9 GHz and 2.4 GHz systems, supporting three wireless bands across a single unified communications system.


Krotos Everything Bundle

Those who work in post-production know about Krotos, and the Krotos Everything Bundle combines the company’s full plug-in catalog with the complete Krotos sound library collection. The Everything Bundle includes: Dehumaniser 2 (a powerful vocal processor for easily producing creature, monster, robot and other extreme vocal sound effects), Reformer Pro (for designing textures by automating and performing sound effects in real-time, using the world’s first Dynamic Input), Weaponiser Fully Loaded (for layering, variations and weapon sound design), Igniter Full Tank (real-world or sci-fi vehicle sounds) and Concept (intuitive drag and drop modulation and a swift patch-building workflow for cinematic effects, composition, and music with the first Krotos soft-synth). IT also includes the complete Krotos sound library collection, including Battle Bundle, Trailers, Whooshes, User Interface, and Magic libraries for Weaponiser and our inspiring Elements Bundle, Clothes & Materials Foley Bundle, Krotos Bundle 1 and others for Reformer Pro. Over 184.8GB (36,085 sounds) are included.



DPA 4097 CORE Micro-Shotgun Doubles as Plant Mic

The new 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Microphone from DPA Microphones, released in late May initially as part of a podcasting kit, features the same sonic qualities as the company’s supercardioid 4097 CORE Choir Microphone, though optimized to pick up speech from a distance. Consequently, it has quickly found a home in film and TV production. Configured with both a MicroDot connector and an adapter for wired or wireless applications, the shotgun was built to withstand harsh conditions, such as water, wind, dust, heat and cold, among other familiar filming challenges. The supercardioid 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun offers a highly-directional pickup pattern as well as low self-noise, with DPA’s acclaimed flat off-axis frequency response. With speech intelligibility at the top of DPA’s development requirements, the 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun features 16 mV sensitivity and is capable of handling high SPLs.


Grace Design Updates m908 Monitor Controller

With firmware Revision 1.0.4, Grace Design has enhanced the functionality of its m908 Monitor Controller in several important ways. First, the room correction EQ functionality has been upgraded to 12 parametric bands per speaker channel, or variable numbers of bands per channel totaling up to 85. Plus, architecture for all room correction and bass management filters have been revised to fixed-point, 64-bit type, which provides for improved low-frequency noise performance. “Because we developed the m908 system architecture based on an ARM processor running embedded Linux, functionality improvements and system upgrades can continue to be released and easily installed into units in the field,” the company said.


AvidPlay Teams Up With Dolby Atmos Music

Longtime technology partners Avid and Dolby have teamed up on an integrated DIY music distribution application that provides independent artists, producers and record labels the ability to easily self-distribute their music in Dolby Atmos

to streaming services Amazon Music and TIDAL. To get started, artists and labels subscribe to an AvidPlay distribution plan through the free AvidLink app for mobile or desktop, and then upload their completed Dolby Atmos Music tracks and artwork. Subscribers then create songs and albums using any compatible Dolby Atmos enabled digital audio workstation, and then upload their music to the AvidPlay dashboard to manage their tracks and albums and see how much money they’re earning from each song. AvidPlay is a DIY music distribution service designed to assist artists and labels (who keep 100 percent of their rights and earnings) by enabling simplified distribution to more than 150 major outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal, including automatic distribution to streaming outlets added in the future.


Shure Introduces SLX-D Digital Wireless System

The SLX-D Digital Wireless System is the digital replacement of Shure’s popular SLX system, complete with new mechanical designs, exceptional audio quality, more reliable RF performance, streamlined setup, and more. End users get greater channel count than SLX, smart rechargeable options, and simplified ease-of-use. Outstanding signal quality and digital modulation lets users navigate crowded environments with high spectral efficiency and dependable RF. The system enables operation of up to 32 channels per frequency band. SLX-D is equipped with Guided Frequency Setup and a Group Scan feature that lets users set up multiple channels more efficiently by assigning frequencies to all receivers automatically via Ethernet connections. Specs include: extended 20 Hz to 20 kHz range (mic dependent), 120 dB dynamic range, 44 MHz tuning bandwidth (region dependent), uUp to 10 compatible systems per 6MHz TV band; 12 systems per 8 MHz band, eEasy pairing of transmitters and receivers over IR scan and sync, and up to 8 hours from 2 AA batteries or optional Shure SB903 rechargeable battery.


Symphonic Acoustics Debuts 2X8V Ultra High-End Studio Monitors

Symphonic Acoustics has unveiled the new 2X8V ultra high-end monitors, the result of a longtime design and manufacturing collaboration between the company and several industry legends, including George Augspurger, John Storyk and others. Ideally suited for mixing and monitoring across a range of genres, each pair of monitors ships with a world-class power and DSP package that can be customized and tuned to accommodate just about any listening environment. While the 2X8V features proprietary designs in collaboration with George Augspurger, Symphonic Acoustics has curated a power and DSP package from select manufacturers to create a best-in-class monitoring system without compromise. Published specs were not available at press time. The 2X8V is made in the U.S.A. and begins shipping September1.