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Orange Serves Up The Guitar Butler

Billed as “a complete guitar rig in a pedal,” The Guitar Butler from Orange Amplification is intended for recording and live use.

Hertfordshire, UK (January 13, 2022) — Orange Amplification has introduced the Guitar Butler, a dual channel guitar pre that is a six string-oriented take on the company’s Bass Butler. Billed as “a complete guitar rig in a pedal,” the unit is intended for recording and live use.

The Guitar Butler can be used either as a stand-alone or as part of a rig by musicians looking to get preamp tones from their pedalboard straight into either a power amp / speaker cabinet combination or into a PA system.

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The vintage-voiced Guitar Butler has been created to ease placing pedals up front. It provides top mid and front controls in its tone stack, and control offered by its E.Q is said to add further warmth to humbuckers and highlight single coil pickups.

The JFET circuitry of the overdrive Dirty Channel reportedly behaves in a similar manner to a valve amp: Push the volume and the resulting sound has the same dynamic feel typically associated with valve rectifiers. The controls for this channel are volume x 2, treble, middle, bass and gain. The gain is like a classic amp, bright and tight but not totally clean.

The unit offers numerous connections, such as the buffered FX loop, which allows time effects like modulation, delay and reverb to be added after the preamp. There is an Amp Out without Cab Sim and a Balance Out with it, plus a Ground Lift switch to stop any earth loops.