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Metric Halo Production Bundle v4 – A Mix Product of the Week

New MH Sonic EQ and MH SuperGate added to 10-plug lineup, with updates across the board.

MH Channel Strip and the other plug-ins in Metric Halo’s Production Bundle are perennial favorites in the pro audio world. Now the company has released v4 of the bundle, which adds two new plug-ins and updates the others. It now includes 10 plug-ins, all of which are also available individually.

The new additions are MH Sonic EQ and MH SuperGate. The updated returning plug-ins include MH Dirty Delay, MH Character, MH HaloVerb, MH Multiband Dynamics, MH Multiband Expander, MH Transient Control and MH Precision DeEsser.

MH Sonic EQ is a mastering equalizer based on the hardware Sonic EQ. The latter was initially developed by Dr. James A. Moorer for Lucasfilm’s SoundDroid project and was incorporated into Sonic Solutions mastering DAWs in the late 1990s.

Also handy for tracking, mixing and other equalization tasks, MH Sonic EQ offers six fully parametric bands with eight filter types and four different Orders (slopes) per channel. You can edit with knobs and buttons or use the graphic EQ Transfer Function window, which includes a switchable SpectraFoo RTA display. 

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Each plug-in instance also includes an additional band called Special, which offers a choice of utility filters, including DC Removal, RIAA Encode or Decode, and more. 

SuperGate offers an unusually deep control set. It includes knobs and sliders for Threshold (gate open) and Hysterisis (gate closed), as well as controls for Lookahead, Attack, Release, Hold, Attenuation (amount) and more. The Detector Filter section lets you adjust the signal’s frequency response entering the sidechain detector.

The plug-in uses interpolation to help avoid creating artifacts that can smear the sound, which can happen in a traditionally designed gate.

Metric Halo added some handy features across the bundle, including significant user adjustability. Not only can you change the size of each plug-in, but also its colors and knob styles. Whether you make the changes for aesthetic reasons or to compensate for glare or low lighting in your studio, it’s easy to do, and you can revert to the factory settings at any time.

Other bundle-wide additions include A/B snapshots and blend options and an Undo/Redo feature. In addition, the Preset Managers for each plug-in have been revamped, allowing edited and saved presets to be available in any DAW you use. If, for example, you switch between Logic and Pro Tools, your saved presets will be accessible in both. You can also copy and paste plug-in settings between different instances.

Metric Halo also added VST3 support (in addition to VST2, AAX and AU) and VST3 Apple Silicon Native support for Steinberg DAWs for each plug-in.

The MH Production Bundle v4 is available at an introductory price of $399 until May 31, when it will increase to its regular price of $699. The individual plug-ins are on sale for $99 each until May 31, when they move to their regular prices, which range from $179 to $199. Special upgrade pricing is available for v3 owners.