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RF Venue Diversity Omni Antenna Launches

RF Venue’s new Diversity Omni Antenna is designed for omnidirectional coverage of wireless mics operating across 470–616 MHz.

Ashland, MA (October 26, 2021)—RF Venue has introduced its new Diversity Omni Antenna, designed for omnidirectional coverage of any manufacturer’s wireless microphones operating across 470–616 MHz.

The Diversity Omni Antenna is intended for indoor multi-zone projects or outdoors where large areas of coverage are needed, such as sports venues, theme parks and amphitheaters. Chris Regan, president of RF Venue.

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The design of the Diversity Omni Antenna, deployed on a single stand, is designed with the aim to eliminate the most common signal dropouts. It offers flexible antenna placement, since only one is needed in place of two separate omni antennas, and its compact design (length: 105 mm/4.1 in; height: 204 mm/8 in; weight: 187 g/6.6 oz) allows positioning anywhere coverage is needed. The antenna comes with a urethane-coated polyester cover for weatherization, and can be weatherized for permanent outdoor installations.

The Diversity Omni Antenna is available individually or in bundle packs with RF Venue DISTRO4 or DISTRO9 HDR antenna distribution systems and all necessary cabling; it is currently available for preorder and will begin shipping in November 2021, at a MAP price of $569. Antenna and distribution system upgrade packs begin at $1,239.