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Røde RødeCaster Pro II Gets Firmware Update

The new firmware for Rode’s content creation mixer includes advanced sub-mixing functionality and more.

Røde RødeCaster Pro II
Røde RødeCaster Pro II

Sydney, Australia (January 27, 2023)—Røde has issued a major update for its RødeCaster Pro II content creation mixer with the release of firmware 1.1.1, allowing the unit to now support advanced sub-mixing for all outputs, giving streamers and content creators even more flexibility over their audio.

While the previous update, version 1.0.7, added advanced routing capabilities for the RødeCaster Pro II’s USB outputs for easier integration into streaming setups, the new update takes expands upon that functionality, allowing users to independently adjust the level of every audio input for each of the 10 audio outputs, including the headphone and monitor outputs, the Bluetooth channel, on-board recording mix, and the three USB outputs. The expansion is intended to aid streamers who need to create custom sub-mixes for different audio destinations, such as stream and chat applications and their headphone mix.

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Firmware 1.1.1 additionally introduces a number of system optimizations and workflow improvements, including the routing of voice effects, which are now applied to each individual channel in multitrack mode, allowing users to capture these effects while maintaining the flexibility in post-production that multitrack recording offers.

The RødeCaster Pro II’s companion software Røde Central has also been updated to mirror all of the configuration options now available on the RødeCaster Pro II itself, including setting up Aphex audio processing, Smart pads and custom sub-mixes.