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Røde RødeCaster Pro II Production Studio Launches

Røde has introduced the RødeCaster Pro II all-in-one studio, aiming to accommodate a broader range of users, from content creators to production pros.

Røde RødeCaster Pro II Production Studio
Røde RødeCaster Pro II Production Studio.

Sydney, Australia (May 24, 2022)—Following in the footsteps of its popular podcasting/content creator-oriented RødeCaster Pro all-in-one audio production studio, Røde has significantly updated the offering with today’s release of the RødeCaster Pro II.

The RødeCaster Pro II brings together various aspects of recording and broadcast consoles, and recording systems, within a simplified form factor that is designed to be accessible both conceptually and price-wise to users ranging from hobbyists to pros. Aimed broadly at streamers, podcasters, musicians and others, the new unit is intended to be more adaptable to different uses, branching out from the original RødeCaster Pro released in 2018, which was solely focused on podcasting.

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The unit uses Revolution Preamps designed specifically for the RødeCaster Pro II, reportedly offering an input noise rating of -131.5 dBV and 76 dB of gain. The unit also sports an on-board quad-core audio engine to provide more processing power. That in turn gets put to use behind Aphex audio processing for recording within the unit. The unit still offers on-board effects, including reverb, echo, robot, pitch shifting and more; they’re accessed by eight SMART pads, used for triggering sounds, voice effects, MIDI commands and mixer actions. The unit holds eight banks of eight pads, for 64 unique actions.

Those pads, like other parts of the RødeCaster Pro II, can be customized by users as needed. The unit provides nine individually assignable channels, on-board granular editing, the fully programmable SMART pads and more.

The unit offers a variety of wired ports as well as wireless support.
The unit offers a variety of wired ports as well as wireless support.

While the RødeCaster Pro II can be used as a stand-alone unit, it emphasizes connectivity, both wired and wireless. Bluetooth connectivity with wide-band speech for phone call integration and audio streaming, wireless monitoring, and more is built in, and for those who prefer the assurance of a cable, the unit features dual USB-C interfaces for connecting two computers or mobile devices, Neutrik combo inputs for connecting microphones and instruments, plus connections for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and more.

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Aiding the user in accessing all that is a 5.5-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback, and a rotary encoder for navigation and control.

Designed and made in RØDE’s Sydney, Australia facilities, the production studio will ship in June; various accessories such as a protective cover, VESA mount, carry bags, specialized cables and more will debut simultaneously. The unit is available to pre-order, running $699 US.