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Sescom Unleashes Wraith Active Mic Booster

The colorfully designed Sescom Wraith mic booster provides 22 dBs of gain to ribbon or dynamic microphones.

Sescom Wraith Active Mic Booster
Sescom Wraith Active Mic Booster

Mt. Marion, NY (November 18, 2022)—Sescom has released The Wraith Mic Booster, a phantom-powered mic preamp for studio use that reportedly provides up to 22 dBs of gain to passive microphones.

The unit uses discrete JFET circuitry to give a boost to ribbon and dynamic microphones. Recognizing that passive microphones can often require more gain than a lot of mic preamps can give—and even then with an increased noise floor—the Wraith is intended to provide power without an added racket.

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The mic booster sports isolated circuitry inside, as the engineers at Sescom aimed to isolate the signal circuitry from the power circuitry, so that a mic signal comes through pure and clear. The Wraith is simple to put into action, as users connect one cable from a mic to the unit and another cable from it to a preamp’s mic input; turn on phantom power, set gain to taste and that’s that. The phantom power does not pass to the mic side of the Wraith, so the mic will not see the phantom power supply. If you want to use a condenser microphone with the Wraith, you will need an inline phantom power supply.

The unit is hand-assembled by Sescom engineers in New York’s Hudson Valley, uses standard Neutrik connectors, and has a one-year warranty.