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Silver Bullet MK2 Stereo Bus/Line/Mic Tone-Amp Debuts

Louder Than Liftoff has introduced its new Silver Bullet mk2, updating its 2U stereo bus/line/mic tone-amp.

Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet MK2 Stereo Bus/Line/Mic Tone-Amp
Louder Than Liftoff Silver Bullet MK2 Stereo Bus/Line/Mic Tone-Amp

Palo Alto, CA (September 17, 2021)—Louder Than Liftoff has introduced its new Silver Bullet mk2, updating its 2U stereo bus/line/mic tone-amp intended to bring an analog vibe and streamlined workflow DAW-based recording.

The new edition of the Silver Bullet updates the I/O and built-in matrix router to include expanded user-customizable Mojo, increased tone-shaping options, a new Aspect Ratio stereo image enhancer, and improved level metering, as well as adding fully-balanced inserts.

The original Silver Bullet was intended to be a stereo analog ‘console’ with cascading Mojo amps and tone-shaping EQ to glue and sweeten the mix bus, stems, and individual tracks of hybrid analog/digital studios, additionally offering mic preamp modes and a built-in matrix I/O router.

Today, the updated Silver Bullet mk2 offers twin topology (A or N) Mojo amps, and adds a third Mojo slot, accepting either new stereo Mojo amp or Color modules. This feature allows integrated processing like tube saturation, compression or EQ to be inserted into the signal path after Silver Bullet mk2’s ‘A’ or ‘N’-inspired Mojo amps.

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The two Mojo amps are ‘inspired’ by well-known American and British large-format consoles, adding character to any signal passing through, and then there’s the new, third, user-customizable Mojo C amp. Users can process 2-bus, individual tracks, or microphone sources through cascading combinations of the three analog Mojo amps as follows: A (American console), N (British console), and C (Custom Mojo / Color modules via internal expansion slots, with Hitmaker 4000 console modules pre-installed).

Gain and output controls allow users to gain stage the A and N Mojo amps, while C-DRV and C-MIX controls allow them to control the amount of drive for the Mojo C amp, and blend the dry and processed signals.

The new unit also adds dedicated Mic, Track, and Mix inputs that feed separate track and mix outputs. Each channel also features fully-balanced Insert Left and Insert Right send and RTN (return) jacks that can be switched into the signal path from the front panel, while automatic insert bypass modes streamline that workflow.

Tone shaping is available via a three-band Baxandall EQ, while the Air circuit from the original Silver Bullet now has its own dedicated control, and the original LF and HF frequency settings have been expanded to a total of four frequencies per band. The Tight filter is also on hand to tighten up the extreme bottom end. Aspect Ratio is an analog processor new to Silver Bullet mk2, intended to enhance the stereo width, height, and clarity of a mix.

Silver Bullet mk2 is available for preorder directly from Louder Than Liftoff at $2,599.00 USD.