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Sonimus A-Console Emulation Plug-In Debuts

Sonimus has introduced its A-Console plug-in, emulating the vintage sound of an analog API 1604 console.

Sonimus A-Console Emulation Plug-In
Sonimus A-Console Emulation Plug-In

New York, NY (February 6, 2023)—Software house Sonimus has introduced its new A-Console plug-in, which aims to offer the vintage sound of the 1970s analog API 1604 console.

Intended to be used on every single channel track and buss groups, A-Console looks to provide sound enhancement capability, an intuitive GUI and two crosstalk modes between the classic Vintage or Modern styles to shape your overall tonal quality in accordance with the characteristics of the original desk. The new UI is intended to make the plug-in easier to operate, especially the groups in the master Buss component, creating a more natural workflow to adjust the volumes or saturation from each channel or group.

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Controls include Push, which can be activated to more warm/hot results or to get an early softclip in order to control the signal and reduce the dynamic range, and Trim, which attenuates the output signal as you increase the Gain, effectively turning the fader knob into a “drive” knob. Meanwhile, an optional Stereo Crosstalk feature can be used to create depth in a mix, with options for “Vintage” (a more evident effect), “Modern” (a less audible effect).

Low and High-Pass filters provide musical curves designed for instruments, voice, atmospheric sounds, effects and more. Other features include Global Saturation Bypass, selective Oversampling, Grouping and more.

The plug-in runs $49.