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Sony Electronics SLS-1A Speaker Unveiled

Sony’s new SLS-1A Compact Speaker is intended for use providing localized audio for large and medium spaces with a large format display.

Sony Electronics SLS-1A Speaker
Sony Electronics SLS-1A Speaker

Paramus, NJ (October 17, 2022)—Sony Electronics has introduced a new line-array speaker, the SLS-1A, for use with large format displays. Intended for use in education, corporate, retail and faith applications, providing localized audio for large and medium spaces with a large format display.

The SLS-1A places eight channels of AMP/DSP into an aluminum casing and can be aligned vertically or horizontally, as needed in an installation configuration. By taking a modular approach to its design, several speakers can be added to the system through a single Dante connection, while flexible fine beam control optimizes audio and allows the SLS-1A to meet the requirements of multiple installation spaces, including lecture halls and office lobbies. Additionally, in an effort to reduce installation time and cost, the loudspeaker features a simplified design that incorporates fewer components.

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The specially designed speaker features center screen sound localization technology, using horizontally placed speaker arrays to create a “phantom” center channel effect, making it applicable for large displays where center channel localization is challenging due to speaker position. The SLS-1A is designed to be paired with multiple large format display types, including Crystal LED, BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays, as well as business projectors to create a connected AV ecosystem.

According to Sony, the SLS-1A also sports a sizable sweet spot, aiding its use in larger spaces. In addition to an onboard DSP and power amplification providing 80W total per module, the speaker uses beam steering to control the direction and angle of sound delivery. The SLS-1A is designed around a magnetic fluid speaker with flat and square diaphragm for less distortion. It offers both Dante and traditional analog connections; supports EASE Focus 3 and FIRmaker 3D by AFMG; has a paintable speaker grille and more.

The SLS-1A is expected to be available in January, 2023 in North America.