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Soundtoys SuperPlate — A Mix Product of the Week

Soundtoys made news at NAMM by announcing a multi-model plate reverb plug-in called SuperPlate.

Soundtoys SuperPlate — Mix Product of the Week

New York, NY (May 1, 2023)—Soundtoys made news at NAMM by announcing a multi-model plate reverb plug-in called SuperPlate (Mac/Win). Due to be released in mid-May, it sports a similar look to the company’s Little Plate plug-in but offers significantly more power and versatility.

Instead of the single plate emulation in Little Plate, SuperPlate provides five: Classic 140, Goldfoil 240, Audicon, EcoPlate III and Stocktronics RX-400. You can also select from three analog coloration types: Tube, Solid State and Clean. The analog modeling is based on EMT V54 and EMT 162 preamps.

Soundtoys SuperPlate
Soundtoys SuperPlate

In addition, Soundtoys added plenty of additional features, such as infinite decay time, an EQ section, stereo width and balance knobs, modulation controls and a pre-delay knob. The company also touts the Auto Decay section, which includes Threshold, Target and Recovery controls. According to Soundtoys, it’s “a unique decay ducking option that adjusts decay time to avoid overlap or masking.”

In the press release for SuperPlate, Soundtoys CEO and lead designer Ken Bogdanowicz says, “We always try to take our effects beyond ‘simple emulations,’ and with SuperPlate, I feel like we found the perfect balance—switchable modeled preamp styles, built-in parametric EQ, and extended and dynamic decay timeto make SuperPlate a versatile go-to reverb effect.”

If you already own the Soundtoys bundle, you’ve probably noticed that you can’t open Little Plate inside the Effect Rack (the plug-in that lets you mix and match the various Soundtoys effects). SuperPlate will not have that restriction. It can be opened as a DAW insert plug-in or in the Effect Rack.

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SuperPlate will be available singly for $149. It will also be included in the upcoming Soundtoys 5.4 release. Soundtoys 5.3 owners can upgrade to 5.4 for $59. If you don’t already own the Soundtoys bundle, you can purchase the entire Soundtoys 5.4 bundle (including SuperPlate) for $499. If you own the Effect Rack only, rather than the complete bundle, you can add SuperPlate for $59.