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Soundz Fishy FlexSurface System for Avid S6 Surface Debuts

Studio furniture designer Soundz Fishy has introduced FlexSurface, a new system to customize the Avid S6 control surface.

Soundz Fishy FlexSurface System
Soundz Fishy FlexSurface System

London, UK (January 20, 2023)—Studio furniture designer Soundz Fishy has introduced FlexSurface, a new system intended to customize the Avid S6 control surface to address a user’s ergonomics and workflow.

FlexSurface uses interchangeable ‘FlexAngle’ buckets with rear module angle adjustment to create layouts customized to a user or facility’s needs. Offered in a variety of sizes, the system can incorporate Soundz Fishy’s desking, accessories and rise & fall leg systems as required.

The FlexSurface system largely centers around FlexAngle, a six-position, adjustable bucket that allows the angle of the rear modules to be altered from 2⁰ through to 35⁰ to best aid visibility. Simple fixings release the buckets from the console, allowing the layout to be reconfigured, while removable trims enable individual modules to be rearranged. A range of module-sized accessories are also available, allowing non-Avid equipment to be integrated into s control surface.

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FlexSurface can accommodate a five- or nine-knob channel strip configuration as well as multiple other module layouts, helping ensure that controls and accessories are within easy reach. The control surface can be rearranged to reduce stresses and strains on the body, and hand-in-hand with that, operators can alter their working position with the rise & fall leg system.

Soundz Fishy founder Glenn Haddock noted, “Our goal was to create a console which could be configured quickly and efficiently, whether it be a setup for an individual engineer or for client reviews. We wanted to provide a system that allowed for a seamless workflow in a studio’s day-to-day activities.”