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Soyuz Launcher Deluxe Debuts

Soyuz Microphones' Launcher Deluxe stereo inline microphone preamp offers additional connectivity, two different modes and more.

Soyuz Microphones' Launcher Deluxe stereo inline microphone preamp.
Soyuz Microphones’ Launcher Deluxe stereo inline microphone preamp.

Los Angeles, CA (October 5, 2022)—Soyuz Microphones has released the Launcher Deluxe stereo inline microphone preamp, which builds upon the original unit by adding new connectivity, two different modes of use, and compatibility with condenser microphones and line-level signals.

With users of the original Launcher putting the unit to use on live performances, recording sessions and stereo summing, the expanded Launcher Deluxe is intended to meet those needs more readily.

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The Launcher Deluxe utilizes two separate signal paths to pass mic and line-level signals through the unit. Each path features two custom hand-wound toroidal transformers for a total of four, as well as the same analog circuit used in the original Launcher.

Each channel of the Launcher Deluxe features two individually selectable modes—Launcher Mode and Saturate Mode. The first delivers a 26 dB boost of gain and color to any dynamic or ribbon microphone, while the latter bypasses the additional gain to provide the standard sound of the original Launcher on any FET or tube condenser mic and line-level signal.

“The game-changer with the Launcher Deluxe is the ability to use it with condenser microphones,” explained Soyuz Microphones owner David Brown. “Now engineers and artists alike can take advantage of The Launcher’s signature color and give their lesser microphones a much–needed lift.”