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Studio Technologies Model 354 Talk Station Announced

Studio Technologies has announced its new Model 354 Talk Station for use in a variety of permanent installation and live-event settings.

Skokie, IL (April 14, 2022)—Studio Technologies will launch its new Model 354 Talk Station at NAB 2022. The unit is designed for use in a variety of permanent installation and live-event settings, supporting applications including voice paging, music, audio-file playback, intercom, and broadcast talent cueing.

The desktop unit is Dante-compatible and uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. AES67-compliant, the unit also supports Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager (DDM) software application.

The Model 354 is housed in a table-top enclosure that supports four independent “talk” channels. Only a gooseneck microphone and a PoE Ethernet connection are needed for the unit to become part of a networked application, and as it happens, Studio Technologies offers the compatible GME-3-12 Gooseneck Microphone. The Model 354 also incorporates a monitor section, allowing the four Dante input channels to be routed as desired to an interconnected amplifier or amplified speaker.

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Using a standard USB flash drive, two 40-second audio files can be imported and stored in the Model 354’s non-volatile memory. The audio files are typically used as “pre-page” audio signals, supplying the sound of bells or chimes, electronic audio sequences or voice messages, prior to the gooseneck microphone becoming active. The files follow the 16-bit monaural WAV format and can be created outside of the Model 354 and then imported for use.

The Model 354 features a microphone preamplifier and associated dynamics controller (compressor) circuit to aid preserving audio quality. The output of the microphone preamp and compressor is routed to an analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) section that supports a sampling rate of 48 kHz with a bit depth of up to 32.

A Neutrik etherCON protected RJ45 jack is used to interconnect with an Ethernet port associated with a PoE-enabled network switch. This connection provides both power and bidirectional digital audio. The Model 354 has four pushbutton switches, which feature dual-color LEDs to present the unit’s real-time operating status. A push-in/push-out rotary control allows user adjustment of the monitor output level. The monitor output (available in both analog and Dante digital formats) can assist users in confirming the unit’s current operating status as well as being used for general monitoring applications.