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Studio Technologies Model 5304 Intercom Station — Product of (Last) Week

Scheduled to be unveiled next week at NAB is the Model 5304 Intercom Station from Studio Technologies.

Studio Technologies Model 5304 Intercom Station
Studio Technologies Model 5304 Intercom Station

Keep an eye out for this week’s ‘Product of the Week’ tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s last week’s edition a few days late.

Scheduled to be unveiled at NAB is the Model 5304 Intercom Station from Studio Technologies. Designed to serve as a communications station for production and support personnel in applications such as on-air television broadcasting, live events, theater, industrial, aerospace, house of worship, and corporate AV, the Model 5304 provides four independent talk and listen channels compatible with Dante audio-over-Ethernet networks.

Using a standard IP network, multiple Model 5304s can become part of a party-line intercom with help from an external, Dante-enabled audio device such as the Studio Technologies Model 5421 or Model 5422A Dante Intercom Audio Engine devices.

Model 5304 units can also be deployed in conjunction with Dante-compliant matrix interface systems. A single PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection supplies the Model 5304 with both power and network data. The Model 5304 supports AES67-2018 and Dante Domain Manager.

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User features are configured using the company’s  STcontroller software (free for Windows and macOS), and include integrated sidetone operation, remote mic kill (“talk off”), LED display intensity, and microphone audio level display. Configurable parameters include electret microphone power, mic preamplifier gain, talk and auxiliary button operation, call signal support, headphone channel assignment, and remote-control inputs.

Audio specs include 48kHz sample rate, bit depth up to 24, support of dynamic and electret (3.3 VDC) microphones, mic gain range from 24 to 48 dB in 6dB steps, frequency response of 42 Hz to 18 kHz (-3dB nominal), and a noise floor of -94 dBFS, A-weighted. An onboard dynamics control circuit ensures excellent microphone audio quality and minimizes the chance of signal overload.

Connections include a 5-pin XLRF for the headset, RJ45 Ethernet for the audio network, 3.5mm TRS for remote control inputs, and USB-A for firmware updates. An optional rack mounting kit allows one or two Model 5304s to be mounted in 1U of a standard 19-inch rack enclosure.

The Model 5304 is housed in a lightweight, aluminum desktop enclosure measuring 8.7 x 1.72 x 4.45 (inches, WxHxD). MSRP is $995.00.

More info here.