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Sweetwater Launches Publishing Division

Sweetwater has launched Sweetwater Publishing, a new ebook publishing arm, with the release of three new tomes by Mix columnist Craig Anderton.

sweetwater publishingFort Wayne, IN (July 16, 2021)—Online pro audio retailer Sweetwater has launched Sweetwater Publishing, a new ebook publishing arm. Kicking off the endeavor are three new books by author/musician (and Mix columnist) Craig Anderton: Max Your Mix!; How to Record and Mix Great Guitar Tracks; and The Huge Book of Studio One Tips and Tricks.

The e-books are downloadable PDFs with the intention of making them affordable, environmentally friendly, transferrable to tablets and smartphones, and convenient. The books will be revised periodically to stay current with technology — and e-book owners will be able to download the revised versions for free from their accounts.

Craig Anderton on Authenticity and the Art of Performance

The methodology will enable point updates (for example, version 2.0 to version 2.1), so that owners of previous releases will automatically be upgraded to the latest version for free, and new customers will be guaranteed to get the latest eBook version without worrying about purchasing a dated version. If a book accumulates many changes, it becomes a new edition which owners of the original version can update at a reduced price.

Sweetwater CEO Chuck Surack explains, “Sweetwater is committed to making sure that all musicians can make the most out of today’s technology. We don’t just want to be a place for them to buy gear, but a resource for them to make incredible music with it. We hope the modern approach Sweetwater Publishing brings to affordable, timely print books and eBooks will enrich and influence the lives of musicians so that they can have more satisfying musical experiences.”

The company plans to release several additional eBook and print titles this year.

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