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Techivation Launches Free T-De-Esser 2 Plug-In

Techivation has debuted an updated version of its T-De-Esser plug-in, designed to control sibilance.

Techivation’s Free T-De-Esser 2 Plug-In
Techivation’s Free T-De-Esser 2 Plug-In.

United Kingdom (July 8, 2024)—Techivation has launched an updated version of its T-De-Esser plug-in. Building on the original edition, released in July 2021 as the company’s first audio plug-in, the new MK2 edition is designed to control sibilance and harshness—and just as its predecessor was, the release is free.

T-De-Esser 2 is intended to be an intuitive De-Esser plug-in to aid in smoothing out high frequencies while preserving a natural and musical sound. According to Techivation, the MK2 release significantly improves upon the original in terms of both functionality and audio performance.

Techivation’s Free T-Saturator Plug-In Debuts

The updated plug-in offers users Processing, Intensity, Sharpness, Frequency Range, Diff & Filter, oversampling up to 8X, undo/redo options, an A/B switch and much more.

T-De-Esser 2 can be downloaded in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for any compatible DAWs, including Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One and others, available for both Windows and macOS. Techivation plug-ins also support the Apple M chip natively.

Techivation has a long history of offerings plug-ins for free; its most recent prior to the new offering was a smart level-independent saturation plug-in, the T-Saturator, intended to help provide control over tone and character. Issued in May, 2024, T-Saturator includes a spectral clipper that preserves tonal balance for a consistent saturation sound.