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UNiKA has introduced two new DI boxes, the PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB.


Waldlaubersheim, Germany (August 11, 2021)—UNiKA has introduced two new DI boxes, the PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB.

The PRO-BT5 uses Bluetooth 5.0 to wirelessly connect smartphones, tablets and computers, allowing users to stream content from a smartphone or other device. Potential uses include using streaming service playlists during intermissions in a performance, or allowing musicians to play back reference tracks in the studio. The DI offerse a transmission range of up to 35 meters, and power can be handled through a standard smartphone charger or a power bank, providing 5V of power via USB-C.

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Meanwhile, the PRO-USB provides DA conversion up to 192 kHz at 32 bit as it ties into computers via USB-C. With the DI, laptops, tablets and phones can be used as stage instruments, and all common formats are supported, including DSD.

Both the PRO-BT5 and PRO-USB are encased in solid steel housings, and use a specially designed transformer, the EI30A10E 1+1:1+1, which employs both a copper foil layer and a dedicated ground layer aiming to provide high-frequency suppression, maintain a pro-level signal-to-noise ratio and offer dynamic range. Both units feature a 3.5-mm monitor output for headphones; a dedicated, stepped volume knob to control headphone level; and balanced XLR stereo outputs

The MSRP for each device is 191 Euros (roughly $225).