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NEXO Rig at St. Louis’ Fox Theatre for A Cappella Concert

The NEXO rig that was used for the Straight No Chaser concert in the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Mo.

Logic Systems Sound & Lighting Inc. of Valley Park, Mo., recently provided a NEXO GEO S12 rig to the historic Fox Theatre in St. Louis for a concert by the male a cappella group, Straight No Chaser. The 10-member a cappella ensemble will continue touring the U.S. into summer 2013.

Logic Systems Audio Department manager Brian Bird and systems engineer Pat Murphy outfitted the 5,060-seat Fox Theatre with 20 NEXO GEO S1210s, four NEXO GEO S1230s, six NEXO RS18s, eight NEXO PS8s, and eight NEXO 4×4 NXAMPs. The band is also carrying a pair of Yamaha M7CL digital consoles for mixing duties on the tour.

“The Fox Theatre is a difficult space to cover from a single array position,” Bird says. “The large balcony and overhang make it tricky to cover the entire balcony, while still having a direct line of sight to the front-of-house mix position, which is at the rear of the floor level and deep under the balcony. To accomplish the task at hand, a low hang with a 14-degree vertical angle seemed to work best. This angle is hard to achieve with many boxes on the market today; however, we are able to do so with the GEO S12.”

Bird adds that the layout for the NEXO system chosen by Logic Systems modeled extremely well in the NEXO NS-1 software. “In my experience, the software is spot on, if you take the time to build the model properly. For a lower SPL show like this, the clarity of the GEO S12 fit the Straight No Chaser concert perfectly, and was the best choice. We work in this venue regularly and typically use our NEXO GEO T rig, but in this case, the S12 was definitely a better fit.”

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