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Neyrinck Announces SoundCode For Dolby E Version 2

Neyrinck in San Francisco announces SoundCode For Dolby E Version 2, which is now shipping for Mac and Windows systems and is available as a free update for current SoundCode For Dolby E owners. Version 2 features an accelerated Dolby E encoding engine for faster encodes that are said to be 1.5 to 4 times faster, depending upon the computer system.

With V. 2, Dolby E encoding now operates directly in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express as an export plug-in. One or more project sequences can be selected from a project to be exported as Dolby E. The plug-in automatically uses the time code, frame rate, and optionally the in/out points of each sequence. A batch processing mode allows any combination of sequences to be Dolby E encoded at one time for efficient workflows.

SoundCode For Dolby E’s decoding has also been extended in V. 2. VST and Audio Units plug-ins have been added to allow real-time Dolby E monitoring in workstations such as Nuendo, Pyramix and Soundtrack Pro. Dolby E monitoring has been extended to output all eight channels simultaneously. Neyrinck added a Hot Folder decode feature to the stand-alone app for ingest workflows. And on the Mac, Neyrinck has created a utility called N-Mon that uses the Audio Units plug-in as a real-time Dolby E monitor for QuickTime Player, Final Cut or external video tape deck. N-Mon accomplishes application monitoring by providing a core audio input device to which you can connect any core audio application. N-Mon uses the Audio Units decoder plug-in to decode and play the audio out to any Core Audio device, and provides the option to monitor from any Core Audio input so a Mac can operate as a stand-alone Dolby E monitor for testing videotape laybacks.

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