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Neyrinck Delivers 60 Licenses of Mix 51 to Vancouver Film School

A Vancouver Film School student works with Neyrinck Mix 51 software.

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Film School

Neyrinck—a software company in San Francisco that develops a range of surround sound and broadcast audio–file software products deisgned for DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby E and surround sound mixing projects in Pro Tools—reports that Vancouver Film School (VFS) has integrated Neyrinck Mix 51 software into its Sound Design for Visual Media program. Each student is supplied with a Pro Tools LE notebook system with the Mix 51 plug-in installed, which allows every student to edit and mix surround audio with a portable Pro Tools LE system prior to coming into the school’s main Pro Tools HD studio.

“Mix 51 lets our students work with surround audio outside of class and without needing to reserve time in our main studio,” says VFS Sound Design for Visual Media senior instructor Shane Rees. “Mix 51 provides a stereo left/right [L/R] downmix, so they can monitor with a pair of headphones or at their home with a Pro Logic decoding system. It is tremendously beneficial for them to work in surround anywhere. This substantially improves the students’ knowledge and skill in surround audio.”

Paul Neyrinck, founder and president of Neyrinck, adds, “Surround audio post-production is exploding worldwide as HD broadcast takes hold. It is very important to train sound designers about surround. VFS is a premier education facility that focuses on preparing their students for real-world careers in audio production, and I am glad they are really working on making their students competitive professionals. We could not be happier that they have chosen Mix 51, which is a great solution for audio schools.”

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