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Neyrinck Updates SoundCode Dolby E

Neyrinck, a surround sound software developer based in San Francisco, announces a major update to SoundCode For Dolby E that adds support for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and adds features for Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and other media workstation system users. SoundCode For Dolby E is a stand-alone software package and Pro Tools plug-in set for Dolby E encoding and decoding. It is designed for post-production studios, television mixers, and broadcast and content distribution organizations that need to deliver and monitor Dolby E content on videotape or as files.

The new software, Version 1.1.3, is available now for both Windows and Mac OS X, and adds new Dolby E decoding features. According to Neyrinck, the stand-alone software can decode a Dolby E stream faster-than-real time to BWF files that can be directly imported into Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and other media workstations. It can also play back a Dolby E stream file in real time for auditioning using Core Audio or Windows MME sound hardware.

These new features allow video editors to receive Dolby E content and audition, decode and import it for editing and mixing. The Dolby E encoder has been improved to deliver multi-mono BWF files in addition to interleaved BWF files for direct import into Pro Tools. The new version also brings Pro Tools plug-in support to Windows XP and Vista and is fully compatible with Pro Tools 8 HD and LE. This update makes Neyrinck SoundCode For Dolby E a complete Dolby E encode/decode solution for Media Composer, Final Cut, Pro Tools or any other media workstation that uses BWF audio files.

“SoundCode For Dolby E has been embraced by Pro Tools professionals on Mac OS,” says Paul Neyrinck. “But broadcasters need Dolby E encoding and decoding on their video workstations to do their work as fast as possible. And Windows-based Pro Tools users want to take advantage of SoundCode’s unsurpassed integration. I am very pleased to say that now we offer a solution for nearly everyone, no matter what system they are using.”

The V. 1.1.3 update is free for existing owners of SoundCode For Dolby E, and can be downloaded at Customers can purchase SoundCode For Dolby E worldwide from professional audio and video resellers, and online at