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Nomad Factory Releases Magnetic Tape Warmer Plug-In

Nomad Factory announces the launch of its Magnetic audiotape warming effect plug-in, which is designed to emulate the sound of classic tube circuitry and analog tape saturation. The plug-in features pure analog reel-to-reel tape speeds, tape/tube saturation and tape color effects, as well as a dedicated vintage style EQ and built-in mastering section called Boost. Its interface is designed to appear modern and simple, and promises to be user-friendly for dialing in usable sounds.

Nomad Factory says that Magnetic can be used on individual tracks to add subtle warmth and tape color to drum tracks, or to create a filtered cassette AM-radio effect for a vocal track. The company says that when used on a master bus, Magnetic can warm up an entire mix and “boost” it up to broadcast level.

Until November 30, 2010, Nomad Factory is offering the new Magnetic plug-in for an introductory price of $199 MSRP as part of a group-buy promotion.

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