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Non Stop Music Records Trailer for Movie “Click”

Non Stop Music celebrates the success of the summer comedy movie Click starring Adam Sandler, which incorporates the Non Stop Music track “Bait and Switch” (from NSPS-EPC-001) in the international trailer titled “Trailer 2” and in the U.S. TV spot titled “Change the World.” The trailer was written and recorded at Non Stop Music’s state-of the-art soundstage in Salt Lake City, Utah, and can be seen on TV and in cinemas throughout North America. The trailer can also be viewed online here.

Non Stop Music continues to provide soundtracks to the worldwide movie trailer business with exclusive tracks being used to promote a range of new movies, including The Devil Wears Prada, Snakes on a Plane, Ant Bully, Leroy and Stitch, Hollow Man 2, Monster House and Wah-Wah, among others.

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