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Now Shipping: Eventide H3000 Band Delays Plug-In

Eventide is now shipping the H3000 Band Delays™ plug-in.

Eventide is now shipping the H3000 Band Delays™ plug-in. Derived from the Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer® effects processor, the new plug-in will provide Pro Tools users with the sound of the Band Delays algorithm from the H3000 in a plug-in form for Mix, HD and Accel users.

The H3000 Band Delays plug-in features eight voices of tempo-based delays. Each voice has up to 1.2 seconds of delay, and either band pass, notch, highpass, or lowpass resonant filters, independent level, phase and pan controls, all of which are fully automatable. The function generator offers 19 modulation sources including ramp, sine, triangle, peak, square, S&H, random and MIDI, among others. The Beat Grid allows users to lock each voice in time with the session tempo. Each voice can be placed on the grid and quantized to 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, half or whole note, relative to the master tempo and meter selected. Eventide’s Snapshot feature allows the user to save and recall the plug-in settings with one mouse click. Snapshots can be automated with MIDI program change for preset automation. Emerging from the H3000’s dynamic parameter modulation, the plug-in is capable of a wide range of textured and complex delay based effects.

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